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Uniting Heavy Machinery Industries through Data.

Heavy equipment and reliability are deep in our blood at Redlist. It all started with our visionary Co-Founder Talmage Wagstaff - 'Tal' for short. Tal grew up as a third-generation crane and construction family. From his earliest memories of greasing Zerks

he knew he was destined to work with heavy machinery a building the things that society is dependent upon for success and progress. He spent long hours in the cab of the cranes he was operating and even longer hours late into the night pouring over business operations with his dad. This trained his mind to look for better ways to run the family business so that he could make his, and his families lives better. 

Tal never let school get in the way of his education. His family encouraged him to go to college by day, where he excelled in civil and industrial engineering. He also went to the school of hard knocks by night, where he drove and dispatched cranes to help his family’s business and to pay his way through school.

After graduating with a master’s in civil engineering, Tal got the opportunity to work with ExxonMobil as an industrial sales engineer, where he was able to help some of the world’s biggest companies work through their biggest reliability problems. It was surprising to Tal how many of these large industrial companies faced the same challenges his family’s companies had experienced. Extending equipment life, communicating between departmental silos, maintaining certification compliance and communicating critical information between equipment owners, vendors, contractors and OEMs are just a few of the problems he witnessed. 

After several years with ExxonMobil--a change of organization within the family’s crane business prompted him to return home. Tal stepped in the shoes of COO for Wagstaff Crane and began operating the business. Within the first few months back in the crane business, Tal began seeking in earnest to find software solutions that could ease his burdens and help the company excel. When he discovered that good solutions didn’t yet exist that solved his pains, he set out to begin developing software solutions that could.

Meet Our Executive Team

Talmage Wagstaff, CEO

John Keller, President

Logan Stinger, CTO

Raised in a construction environment, Talmage has been involved in heavy equipment since he was a toddler. He has degrees and extensive experience in civil, mechanical and industrial engineering. Talmage worked for several years as a field engineer with ExxonMobil servicing many of the largest industrial production facilities in the country.

As our resident technology genius Logan is passionate about developing high quality custom software solutions. Logan never tires of learning new skills and designing new software. At the end of the day he wants to be able to say, “Yep, I built that,” and be proud of that statement.

John is a serial entrepreneur and investor that is obsessed with helping companies fulfill their missions to “Build the World.” John has been involved in scores of start-ups and high growth businesses; including companies in the E-commerce, and B2C and B2B services and retail spaces. John is driven by the possibilities of scalable businesses with impact and purpose. 

He had his sites set higher than simply building custom software solutions for his family’s industrial business. His memories of the pains shared by the biggest companies in the world drove him develop a software platform idea that could unite internal departments through applicable shared information, but even more than that, unite Equipment Owners, Vendors, Contractors and OEMs into a single community of users on a shared platform. This community would come to be known as the Enterprise Asset Community or EAC. The idea was simple, help all stakeholders see the people and equipment that need the most attention--help them see their Redlist--or Redlist™--lists of assets and people.


With the idea firmly rooted, Tal reached out to find kindred spirits to help start and grow this idea into a thriving company. Tal recruited John Keller as a Co-Founder, and a number of other hungry and capable entrepreneurs and business operators. The first Redlist customers have been on the platform since summer of 2015. 


The platform has grown and evolved a lot since its inception in 2014. The vision of leveraging technology to give heavy equipment operators better results with more opportunities to live and enjoy their lives remains the same.

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