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Redlist Lubrication 

Complete all your routes, in the field, on a mobile device. 

The ease of use and set up for this product was very simple. The Redlist staff is amazing to work with they are with you along the whole set up process for the organization.

Mary on Capterra

Key Features

Route Templates

Once your reliability program is set up in the Redlist platform it is time to start reaping the benefits of digitizing your data. 

Edit the templates at any time so that your changing needs are met.

Routes generate automatically according to the frequencies set by you. 

Route templates have all the needed task, instruction and product information. 

Mobile App

Start using the Redlist Mobile App in the field to complete lube tasks and entire routes. 

Complete Trainings, Tasks, and Inspections in the field.

Create reactive work orders.

Get access to asset and component data.

Work Boards

We know that in a large facility there can be multiple teams at work in different areas. So, we created workboards to ensure the right routes stay together.

Automatic Assigning of Lube Routes.

Automatics Scheduling of Lube Routes.

Custom Reporting

After your team starts to use the mobile app to collect data and complete tasks, you can start to see how your reliability program stacks up

Oil Analysis

Route Compliance

Work Load


Product Usage

Mean time between failure.

Get Redlist Mobile Routes on your tablet or phone and make lubrication routes quick and easy. It works both offline and online and includes QR Code and Bar Code Scanning.

Redlist Mobile Routes for web and Mobile devices

Android Tablets


Apple Vision Pro

iPhone 8+


Android Phones

Worried about your team struggling with new tech? Redlist Onsite Trainings are here to help. 

We will come to you and work with each of the members of their team to make sure they understand best how to use the software in the field. 

Redlist Lubrication 
Management Software

Complete all your routes, in the field, on a mobile device. 

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