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Players in the Lubrication Management Space.

When choosing a lubrication management system it can be hard to know who to go with, especially as there are so many great options to choose from. We have compiled the following information to help make that decision easy for you. 





Complete Mobile App with single page view of high value field data.

Streamlined Data Collection with a Route Builder on Mobile. 

Detailed Image representation of routes, assets and components.

Annotate your photos on the fly. 

Scan QR codes or NFC tags to access full asset data in the feild.

Digitized data on over a 2000 lube points in under a week.

Mobile app allows route completion while offline. 

Provide qualified data capturing support. 

No onsite servers. All data is kept in true cloud storage. 

Complete all Maintenance tasks and routes in the mobile app.

Easy and Intuitive user interface on Mobile and Web.

Software designed specifically for lubrication management

A little more about our Competitors

LUBE-IT is known for its comprehensive approach to lubrication management in industrial settings. With a focus on maximizing machinery reliability and minimizing downtime, LUBE-IT identifies lubrication requirements, selecting appropriate lubricants, determining precise lubricant quantities, pinpointing lubrication points, enforcing correct application procedures, and adhering to safety protocols. Unlike traditional tools such as spreadsheets, LUBE-IT offers management of lubrication tasks at every point, providing technicians with insights crucial for sustaining equipment functionality. Moreover, LUBE-IT Generation Systems facilitates a shift from reactive repairs to proactive maintenance strategies, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.


MAINTelligence™ offers an integrated Asset Performance Management System (APMS) that combines a sophisticated Condition Monitoring System (CMS) with an Asset Management System. The CMS employs a multi-tiered approach to asset health monitoring, utilizing various condition-based maintenance technologies. This system is rooted in asset management principles and offers tailored applications for equipment health assessment, creating an integrated and automated equipment reliability system. With MAINTelligence™, diagnostics and alarms automatically trigger work orders based on condition data, streamlining operations and optimizing resource allocation. The platform also extends beyond traditional Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) functionalities, offering a reliability-focused approach that prioritizes predictive and inspection-based maintenance data. Additionally, MAINTelligence™ facilitates integrations with existing plant software systems.

MAINTelligence by DMSI

Since its establishment in 1997, Noria has focused on promoting best practices in lubrication and oil analysis to enhance machine reliability for user organizations. Over two decades, their efforts have influenced how organizations manage lubricants, aiming for improved reliability and safety standards. Noria serves as a consultant to numerous global entities, offering various services such as training courses, consulting, publications, and multimedia resources. Their team of experts in tribology, lubrication, and oil analysis provides knowledge dissemination in over 40 countries and ten languages, having trained over 50,000 individuals worldwide. Furthermore, as the publisher of Machinery Lubrication and Reliable Plant magazines, Noria provides industry insights and case studies. Their online platforms attract a significant audience annually, including their flagship event, the Reliable Plant Conference & Exhibition. Noria emphasizes the importance of lubrication excellence for machine reliability, striving to inspire change through education and advocacy.

LubePM by Noria

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