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Redlist Lubrication Charting Software

Digitize, Organize, and Audit all of your Lubrication Routes with the Redlist Software and our Team. 

Easy to use, extremely helpful and reduces time spent filling out tedious forms and hunting for information...

Steve - American Equipment

Key Features

Asset Profiles

When you upload your data each asset gets is own individual profile, allowing you to see everything you need from either mobile or web. 

Add Images, Videos, and documents to your asset profile for accurate record keeping. 

See a maintenance history on your asset, so you can easily see what was done when. 

Map your assets so you can know their location at any time. 

Asset Groups

When all of the asset data is uploaded into the Redlist system we use the asset groups tool to organize your assets in ways that make building routes a piece of cake.

Organize your assets into a custom hierarchy, then use those groups to sequence routes. 

Nest and map assets into groups on maps and mechanical drawings

Quickly create lubrication routes using asset groups and sequences. 

Product Management

After your Assets groups are taken care of, we move on to getting your lubrication products into the Redlist system, so we can make sure the correct product is on lube tasks. 

Add Images and detailed information to each lubricants product page.

Create purchase orders in the system when equipment is running low. 

Check out products for specific routes and tasks. 

Component Templates

After getting your products set up we create each component (part of the asset that needs lubrication) in the system. 

Add images components to ensure your team knows exactly where to lubricate the asset.

Component information shows on lubrication tasks. 

Components are attached to their appropriate asset in the system. 

Lubricant Charting Tool

Once all of the necessary information is in the system, the Redlist Team, or one of our Third Party Partners, will walk your routes with you to Chart and Audit the Routes. 

Map all of your routes. 

Get all of your assets, components, and routes audited. 

Feel completely confident in the digitization of your reliability program. 

Route Creator

Once all of your data has been audited in the field we can finalize all of your routes using the route creator tool. 

Automatic generation of routes when work is due. 

Templates that are continuously editable for when your needs change. 

A reliability program ready to be completed digitally. 

Worried about digitizing complex routes? Redlist will handle every step of the way. 

Redlist's seamless onboarding process will get your entire lubrication process digitized and ready to use in weeks. Once your reliability program is set up, you can feel confident to complete your routes.

Redlist Lubrication Charting Software

Digitize, Organize, and Audit all of your Lubrication Routes with the Redlist Software and our Team. 

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