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Finding a Way: Navigating the Distribution Industry with Michael Sterling

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Join John and Michael in this insightful episode of “Finding a Way”. In this episode, John welcomes special guest Michael Sterling, a seasoned professional in the fuels, lubricants, and chemicals industry. Michael shares his personal and professional journey, offering valuable insights on strategy, distribution sales, leadership, and work-life balance.

Starting with his education at Texas A&M University and meeting his wife during jury duty, Michael takes us through his career in the distribution industry. He discusses the challenges and rewards of living in different locations, the importance of family support, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance while traveling extensively for his job.

Michael also delves into the significance of effective communication in today’s society. He highlights the lost art of direct conversations and the impact it can have on resolving issues efficiently. Drawing from personal experiences, Michael emphasizes the value of connecting with successful individuals from various fields and learning from their experiences.

In addition, Michael shares his motto of “finding a way” and how it has shaped his approach to overcoming obstacles. He discusses his recent real estate investment journey in Texas, where he faced challenges but remained determined to achieve his goals. Michael’s insights shed light on the importance of resourcefulness and having belief in oneself.

Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or aspiring to enter the field, this episode of “Finding a Way” offers valuable lessons in resilience, communication, and balance. Tune in to gain insights and inspiration to propel your sales career to new heights.

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