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Hacks to Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions with David Kraus and Chris Enruhn

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Join host John in this special episode of the Distribution Download, where we get to hear from two guest speakers in a different format: Chris Endruhn and David Kraus. We discuss the challenges of fewer people entering the workforce and the uncertain supply chain the economy currently faces. This also includes a loss of experienced workers and quick promotions for less-experienced individuals.

We also discuss how preserving and sharing knowledge becomes crucial as we delve into the difficulties faced by young employees when critical information is lost due to a lack of documentation. We hear from David Kraus about the need to adapt and hire younger workers, emphasizing the transfer of tribal knowledge to maintain service quality.

Strategies for future growth are given. Including: broadening the base, anticipating supply chain challenges, and exploring onshoring opportunities. Energy efficiency is highlighted, along with the digitalization of tribal knowledge for accessible work processes and expertise.

Tune in to the Distribution Download for a positive outlook focusing on opportunities and a growth mindset. Learn about the importance of leveraging technology and embracing change to enhance efficiency and reliability to overcome your supply chain disruptions.

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