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Selling in Three Directions: The Art of Distribution Sales with Kyle Raffel

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In this episode of the Redlist Distribution Download podcast, host John welcomes Kyle Raffel as the guest speaker. Kyle, the sales manager at Palmer Holland’s Plastics Additives group, shares his industry journey, emphasizing the importance of relationships with suppliers and customers.

This episode discusses his career at Palmer Holland and highlights topics such as early fieldwork, pioneering new markets and products despite limited initial knowledge, and balancing personal and professional commitments. This conversation explores the multifaceted nature of distribution sales: selling to suppliers, customers, and internally. Kyle shares insights into identifying market opportunities and understanding customer needs, specifically in the niche field of plastic additives.

This discussion touches on resilience and motivation in sales, drawing inspiration from family, financial goals, and personal achievements. Kyle emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and knowing that success always comes in cycles.

Tune in to gain valuable perspectives on the distribution industry and strategies. Whether a sales professional or simply interested in the fuels, lubricants, and chemicals industries, this podcast will offer you insights into strategy, leadership, and selling in a complex market.

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